• Oak Frame & Splat Print

    These smoked oak frames from Ferm Living can hold artwork of any shape, length or size, solving all of your print framing predicaments. Although what is a frame without something to put in it, so with our design hats on we also produced our exclusive gold ‘Splat’ print, gold foiling printing on luxe marble paper.
  • Folding Maps Company

    Introducing you to the Folding Maps Company; a set of old celestial maps remastered onto archival canvas and housed in marbled slip cases. The collection ranges from 19th century London to the inner workings of an 18th century warship.

    Artist Victor Stuart-Graham produced a very special batch of hand-carved boats made from the sea’s driftwood offerings. All individually painted and accompanied with colourful rigging. 
  • Scratch Map

    Introducing a fun interactive wall map, simply ‘scratch’ of the countries you’ve been to, and dream of the ones you’re yet to discover.
  • Konglomerat

    Welcome to the work of Konglomerat— Hamburg based artist Stella Richter produces detailed illustrations of insects, rocks and anatomical drawings.