• Brass Magnifying Glass

    Introducing our brass magnifying glass, a throwback to the vintage optical tools used by a variety of practitioners from cartographers to scientists, botanists to detectives. As decorative as it is functional the magnifying glass will take pride of place upon any desk or mantelpiece. 
  • Nautical Napkins

    Bringing our slice of the sea to your interiors we have reworked a historic communication device, the phonetic nautical alphabet. The minimal maritime icons have been recreated in our set of Nautical Napkins, with each one representing a different letter. 
  • Explorers Stationery Set

    Our Explorers Stationery Set contains the perfect tools for the wandering mind. Whether you spend your day at a desk, roaming new cities, writing to-do lists or dreaming up inventions the pocket sized companions will accompany you on your daily travels. Includes a hand crafted leather pen case, a wooden mechanical pencil and a travellers log book.
  • Anthropologie Dalmatian Stapler

    Inspired by 19th century Staffordshire ink wells, the Anthropologie team have revived and updated the traditional design into a humble Dalmatian stapler fit for the 21st century desk. The elegant ceramic dog is poised on a cobalt blue base and will keep you company at your desk for many (dog) years to come.
  • Chris Jarratt Slingshot

    A collaboration with artist and general genius, Chris Jarratt. An exclusive edition of 700 slingshot kits. Each slingshot has a unique design and is made from 12mm spruce ply, to add to the fun you have to construct it yourself.
  • Lomography Konstruktor Camera

     You are looking at the latest in a long and proud line of analog cameras but this one is a little bit different…this is the world’s first DIY 35mm SLR camera from Lomography, named the Konstruktor.

    Artist Victor Stuart-Graham produced a very special batch of hand-carved boats made from the sea’s driftwood offerings. All individually painted and accompanied with colourful rigging. 
  • Falcon Enamel Plates

    Falcon started in the 1920s and has been an icon of British home life ever since. Let us introduce you to their two new colours – red and grey, to join the classic blue in this exclusive set 
  • Papero

    Korean company Papero produce a range of highly creative and intricate building sets from biplanes and space shuttles. As they are made from paper each design can be individually customised.