• Explorers Stationery Set

    Our Explorers Stationery Set contains the perfect tools for the wandering mind. Whether you spend your day at a desk, roaming new cities, writing to-do lists or dreaming up inventions the pocket sized companions will accompany you on your daily travels. Includes a hand crafted leather pen case, a wooden mechanical pencil and a travellers log book.
  • Anthropologie Dalmatian Stapler

    Inspired by 19th century Staffordshire ink wells, the Anthropologie team have revived and updated the traditional design into a humble Dalmatian stapler fit for the 21st century desk. The elegant ceramic dog is poised on a cobalt blue base and will keep you company at your desk for many (dog) years to come.
  • Hay x NAB

    An uber cool accordion storage folder for all of life’s ephemera from design favourites Hay. With help from their friends at graphic studio All The Way To Paris, each folder is decorated in a speckled nebula print.
  • UnderCover Leather Folder

    Using ethical recycled leather Sally Leonard-Morgan’s brand, UNDERCOVER, has transformed the humble document wallet into something a little more desirable. The chic office essential is available in neon pink, green and petrol blue.
  • Tom Dixon Stationery Set

    A luxury brass stationery kit from Tom Dixon. The set contains an etched golden ruler and collection of geometric paperclips, the ultimate desk accompaniment.

  • Papero

    Korean company Papero produce a range of highly creative and intricate building sets from biplanes and space shuttles. As they are made from paper each design can be individually customised.