Brass Plant Mister

Keep your plants happy, hydrated and humid with this unique brass plant mister. This delicate can is not only functional but also makes a great ornament when not in use.
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  • Opinel Garden Tools

    The Opinel garden trio is a handy collection of tools for serious gardeners. Displayed in it’s own wooden box, the brightly coloured set consists of a garden saw, pruning knife and garden knife. The perfect gift for your green fingered friends.
  • Brass Coaster

    Protect your surfaces with this super stylish coaster for.The brass plated coaster echoes a traditional grill design and is perfect for your hottest pots and pans.
  • The Ultimate Scissors

    You could have ordinary scissors, or you could have these… A simple, stylish and practical pair of scissors which incorporate great design, these scissors are available in a brass and black stainless steel. The inner handle is made from plastic for comfort when using. It goes to show that something as simple as an everyday tool can be crafted with style.
  • Brass Triangle Stand

    This minimal brass stand is a simple storage device for your desks loose letters. Made of solid brass with a smooth, matte finish.
  • Vintage Brass Callipers

    A highlight of the many props we have at Not Another Bill H.Q are our brass callipers. Thankfully we have scoured the globe to bring them to you, so that people will stop wanting to take ours. The collection of brass callipers can measure distances from 0 – 10 cm, ideal for meticulous measuring and precision planning.
  • Backgammon Roll

    Raise your game with our portable backgammon roll. The canvas games board, inspired by mid century design and pop art colour ways, is screen printed with an eye catching design and comes with matching resin counters and dice. Simply roll up your new set, fasten with the ribbon strap and take it wherever you travel, challenging your friends along the way. Happy Gaming.

  • Il Bussetto Card Holder

    An exclusive card holder in collaboration with Italian master craftsmen ‘Il Bussetto. Combining artisan techniques with the demands of a contemporary life style, each card holder is both elegant and functional with space for all the important cards in your life. Availiable to subscribers in imperial blue or racing green. 
  • Paper Flower Vase

    A handcrafted paper flower vase inspired by the patterns of the Mediterranean. Barcelona based brand, Octaevo, travel the world learning about ancient traditions and collections. Their explorations inspire their core collection of homewares and stationery. Made of waterproof paper, the clever vase plays tribute to the ancient art of ceramics. Fill with a beautiful bouquet to brighten your desk or dining table. Approx. 26 x 29cm.
  • Circle Necklace

    Our new minimal, geometric necklace is set to be your new season favourite. Crafted from sterling silver the necklace is available in a silver or rose gold finish and presented in a soft pink gift box. The circle pendant is suspended on a 40 – 45cm adjustable chain.

  • Triangle Necklace

    Our new minimal, geometric necklace is set to be your new season favourite. Crafted from sterling silver the necklace is available in a silver or gold plated finish and presented in a soft pink gift box. The triangle pendant is suspended on a 40-45cm adjustable chain.

  • ‘Frame Chain’ Glasses Chain

    A contemporary take on a standard issue glasses chain, Frame Chain has quickly become our new favourite accessory. Founded by Annie and Vanessa in 2013 the British brand makes luxury glasses chains in rose gold, silver and gold.For sunglasses or reading glasses the chic chain simply slides on to the arm of your favourite specs, keeping them securely on your neck. The unisex roller chain also doubles up as a necklace for the days when your eyes need a rest. Rope chain in 18ct white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. 62cm long.
  • Straw Hat

    ‘Cinq Etoiles’ sun hat is beautifully woven from lightweight straw using traditional artisan techniques. Woven in Tunisia by the family run label ‘Cinq Etolies’. Slip yours on over loose waves during the warmer months. Can be customised easily with ribbon.